2. Conference Design & Schedule

The design of this “Working Conference” is based on Harrison Owen’s Open Space Technology, which allows each participant to choose and identify a theme, and work collaboratively with others to discover new solutions/alternatives

Based on discussions with practitioners in the developmental field, the Conference is designed around seven broad themes for the Working Groups (the design also allows for more focused discussion groups withing these themes):

  • Market Linkages: Mainstreaming the Marginalised Producers
  • Employment & Livelihood: Organising the Unorganised
  • Universal Primary Education: Investing in the Future
  • Financial Inclusion: Creating an Equitable India
  • Healthcare & Hygiene for All: Making a Healthier Society
  • Access to Technology & Societal Resources: Empowering the Masses
  • Grass Root Innovations: Supporting Social Entrepreneurship

    We have also invited Social Entrepreneurs/ Resource Persons (list of those who have accepted the invitation are listed in the right-side column), who have made significant contribution in that particulars space, to anchor the discussions and add value to the discussions and outcomes.

    In addition, the Conference is interspersed with 3 panel discussions on themes relevant to the group discussions - Solutions for Inclusive Development

    The overall Conference Schedule is as below:
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